Favorite drying cloth?


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Favorite drying cloth?

Can anyone suggest their favorite drying/microfiber towel they like? The turtlewax one's I found aren't very absorbent and leave colored residue behind. Thanks!
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Don't know how particular you are, but I use those freebies from Harbor Freight. Work fine for me.
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I bought a deer shin chamois this spring as I recall my dad having one when I was small. With 5 cars we go through a lot of towels when everything gets washed.

Seemed to work at first but after a couple of months it started to deteriorate and left bits on the car as well as leaving streaks on the windows. Not sure if it was the chamois or something I was doing so it got pitched.

Were back to old towels but sure would like to find something that doesn't take a load of towels!
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Buy a large baby wrap. Cotton. Simmer it for about 2 hrs.
Will be best drying cloth ever. Tip from my grandfather, who was Austria trained carriage maker. I have one. All holed and such, still works great. Got to boil and simmer it, it softens fabric.
No synthetics, period.
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I use old bath towels that are well washed and double rinsed - no fabric softener.
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Same principle. Well washed (softened) cotton fabric.
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The Absorber - hands down the best, longest lasting towel I've ever used.
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Tried a number of things over the years, the old deerskin works well but they do get a bit soiled over time and are hard to clean.

Cotton works, but inevitably leaves some lint, and they are easy to throw into the laundry to clean up.

But I have tended to use these..

They drink the water up, and can be washed as well, and seem to last forever. And the advertising makes you want to buy one for the whole family!

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