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battery doesnít hold a charge for more than 4-5 days


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battery doesnít hold a charge for more than 4-5 days

2008 infinity - AAA came out 1 year ago and replaced battery. Car has not been used regularly since July 2018. Battery was dead again about 3 weeks ago. AAA came out to jump battery and said battery good. I started car every day for 3 days, then every other, and so on. But after 1 week of not starting it didnít start again. AAA came out last Sunday, said battery around 85%, and negative terminal lose. I asked for battery to be replaced, as itís still under the 2 year free replacement period. He said he thinks the lose cable was the problem. He tightened it up and said all good. Well, today, 1 week later, car wonít start. My feeling is to demand the battery be replaced and then see what happens. I have had plenty of cars that sat for several weeks and then started right up. Could battery not be the issue? If they donít replace, I can call them every week for a jumpstart. Think it would be cheaper for them to replace the $50-60 battery.
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Sounds like you have a battery drain problem..

Perhaps the below will be helpful to you

To confirm this, start the car to be sure the battery is up to charge, run it for a while to charge the battery, then shut the car off and disconnect the negative terminal.
Leave the car for a week and if the car starts then it is a drain problem.
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If you dont have good cable connections, both at the battery and the vehicle you're going to have issues!

If they tested the battery and said that was good I'd be doing some more inspection!
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Check for a parasitic current draw using a multi-meter. Do you have any electrical accessories plugged in that could be unknowingly draining the battery?
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In the meantime you could disconnect the battery so it won't discharge while not being used.
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The switches in the door frame sills that control the interior courtesy lights can fail and drain the battery. Do your interior lights all go off after you exit the car and it is off?
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Cars with computers still draw current from the battery with the ignition off (IOD = ignition off drain.). The car manufacturer should list a value for this condition. Get this value and have your car checked. Because of these computers, many cars, not driven daily, won't engage the starter because the IOD has lowered the battery voltage below the required voltage. A $10 trickle charger from HF will feed the IOD and keep the battery voltage acceptable for starting.
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Starting the car reduces the energy in the battery. The car needs to be run to recharge the battery.
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