What's that little blue light for??


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What's that little blue light for??

Greetings, I just bought a 2012 Scion xB . Nowhere in the rather extensive Owner's Manual does it tell me what that tiny blue flashing light is for. It's located about an inch to the right of the hood release handle, very low down on the left side of the dash. About 1/4" from it , is a little push button, with a symbol resembling a telephone handset. (I've not pushed it, because I don't know what will happen). The light is so dim, I've only noticed it at night. It seems to flash every few seconds when the ignition is off.

My previous 2 cars were First Generation Scions (2005 & 2006) which did not have these lights. Any Ideas?
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Generally a blinking blue light is bluetooth pairing mode.
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Thank you Xsleeper....that makes sense because every time I start the car, a message appears on the radio display saying "Bluetooth connection failed" .
At the risk of showing my ignorance, Bluetooth is something I've never used AFAIK, even tho my iphone shows it to be "enabled". Doesn't seem to affect the radio operation....wonder what happens if I push the little button?
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Next time you start your car, go into your IPhone "settings" and click on "Bluetooth", then push the button and see if your IPhone connects your car to it. It'll show under "My Devices".
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My radio in menu there is a option to pair bluetooth.
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Not a single Toyota has Bluetooth push button anything. It is all done via menu settings.
Considering how low it is located and dim it is, I am safe to presume it is some sort of aftermarket security system indicator, as it blinks when ignition is off.

OP, go to menu>setup>phone>connect phone>go to Bluetooth on your phone>locate one that is your car>pair>follow prompts on the phone/vehicle.
Next, go to menu>sound/audio player set up>set your phone as audio player. Now, you can stream music off your phone to the headunit. Listen to online radios, etc.
In phone settings, go to bluetooth>car connection>settings>make sure both call and audio are enabled for that connection.
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Thank you all, I'm thinking something aftermarket too, since it's down near the very lower edge of the dash, where it's easy to install & run wires. I'll ask the Toyota dealer when I take it in for service next time...
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Just be prepared for lots of laughter coming from the service center lol
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