TPMS flashes at high speed


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TPMS flashes at high speed

Six months ago I got new tires. Ever since, the TPMS flashes and goes solid when I drive at 65mph or above for a few minutes. When restarting the car, the flashing starts flashing again. This continues until I do a manual reset.

I know the flashing means I have a system or sensor problem but it only starts to malfunction at highway speed. I've had the sensors checked twice and they showed no problems.

Any ideas? My thinking is to disconnect it.
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That is one feature I can definitely live without.
The one major advantage of it is to alert you of a newly acquired flat.

There really is no way to "check" the sensors without breaking the tire bead.
So not likely the sensors were actually visually checked.

It is very likely a defective sensor and spinning at high speed either causes it to vibrate or to be moved in one particular direction. Not sure if you can disable that system. It's most likely controlled thru the body control module. It's vehicle specific.
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First question, how old is the car/sensors, they are good for around 10 years?
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Make/year/model/mileage of vehicle ??

How can we identify a problem when we don't know what vehicle you have ??

Every post should begin with this info for expediency.
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Go to Discount Tire. they have handy little tool that can scope TPMS from the outside. No telling otherwise. Likely during tire mounting TPMS was damaged or similar. If it started right after, then you should have brought car back and let them fix it.
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A yr ago I bought 4 new tires and one of them started loosing air. They claimed a bad or worn out valve stem [old tire never lost air] and that it wasn't their fault BUT they repaired the valve stem at no charge. I think they damaged it but didn't want to admit it. It would have been better if you reported this to the tire store immediately but it's still worth talking to them about it.
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The vehicle is a 2008 Nissan with 138,000 miles and original sensors. So the easy answer is that sensors need replacing. If that were the issue, though, I shouldn't be able to reset the TPMS and have no issues until I go back on the interstate. - sometimes many days later.

Beyond that, I went back to the tire dealer and had the sensors tested. All are fine.

I was hoping someone would suggest the tires as an issue. That's what I'm concerned it may be because it started after the new tires were installed and it only happens at 65+mph but i don't know what the problem would be. The tires are T-rated (118mph), the highest rating for SUV tires so they should be a non-issue.
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would suspect the sensors also even though they may be still putting out a signal I would expect it to have some signal loss due to age.
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The battery life of TPMS sensors is around 10 years so it's possible they could be on their last breath.

Sensors have nothing to do with tires, all they do is monitor the pressure and compare to min pre settings and communicate to the BCM.

It doesn't make a lot of sense why the issue is only at highway speed, should not make a difference to the sensor.

Did you talk to Nissan?
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