Need fluid transfer pump that can be operated with one hand

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Need fluid transfer pump that can be operated with one hand

I see brake bleeder one handed squeeze kits but they only extract fluid.
I need something that will pump the fluid as well.
I currently have the standard "hold with one hand - pump with the other" system where I stick the one end of the hose into the clean fluid I want to transfer, say into a transmission but then it takes two hands to operate the pump to get the fluid into the target location.
Not so bad in warm weather but often times I'm in the parking lot in the cold trying to do these various jobs with only one hand free in order to free the other hand to hold a hose in place and the colder it is the harder I have to pump, (then the hose jumps out of the clean fluid receptacle, the bottle turns over, fluid all over the place, you get the idea.)
There has to be something like this but nothing showing on Google
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How about a garden pump up sprayer. Take off the spray nozzle and put a piece of hose on the end. You just sqeeze the handle when you want to dispense liquid.
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I single hand pump using one that screws onto bottle neck. Sold at any parts store or Walmart. It has wide hand plate at the top, so I simply push it into a solid piece under the car. Basically, instead of pressing down on handle by hand, I push bottle with pump up into the car body/frame. Done this quite a few times, have that pump for years.

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