strange whirring sound


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strange whirring sound

2001 Daewoo Matiz automatic gasoline engine, 89k km.

This whirring sound occurs at around 80 km/h or higher. It doesn’t seem as bad in the mornings
but coming home from work it’s noticeably louder.

Have a listen:

Could it be related to the transmission?
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My ears aren't as good as I would like. Only heard a strange noise in middle of dash area. Is that the noise?
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I don't know where you live but what I have noticed lately on the van and motorcycle here in The Great Lakes area is the weather has gotten hot fast and the tires make a lot more noise on HOT asphalt than cooler asphalt .
Cool mornings - quiet tires Hot afternoons - noisy tires
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At this point, I think we're all guessing.
I have to be honest, I guess my wife is right, I need hearing aids. I didn't hear any whining.
So, Based on, whining, more-so in the afternoon than morning, more likely at high speeds, not as likely at lower speeds........ I'm guessing a fan clutch is going bad.
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thanks. The sound doesn't come through as good on video but it's definitely noticeable. I don't know if whirring is even the accurate word to describe it. It sounds like a mini helicopter is inside there....a spinning/rotating part in the engine bay which could be the fan.

Interesting point about the warmer weather.....however this morning it was heard even at lower speeds now (60 km/h) so it seems to be getting worse bit by bit each day....I don't know what will happen when it breaks whatever it is.

I heard this same noise a few months ago (Jan-Feb) and same thing, it got progressively worse (louder) over a period of time and then one day my transmission popped and lost power. They replaced the transmission but fortunately it was covered by a recall. After the transmission was replaced for a couple weeks I didn't hear that whirring or helicopter sound (or another way to describe is someone sanding back and forth and it sounds louder and faster when I drive faster and slower when I drive it's directly in proportion to the speed of the car).

Now I don't know if that sound is the transmission itself or if it was just a coincidence another part was degrading at the same time.
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I checked with engine on idling while parked and the fan is not moving at that time so maybe it's not the fan clutch?
I can actually hear it even though I'm not moving and it's coming from the left side of the engine bay (when standing in front of the car, not left side as in from inside the car)...or the side where the coolant/windshield fluid sits in most cars...could it be the belt? or something else that spins while the car is not in motion
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