Old car I once owned


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Old car I once owned

This is a little far fetched but I will ask anyway. Back in the day (1970 to 1973) I owned a 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger with a 340 cu. in engine that I really loved and wish I still had. However, when I got married in 1972 my wife and I figured it was probably something we couldn't afford so I sold it. I sold it to a used car dealer locally but I know he no longer has it. In fact I am almost sure the lot is owned and run by someone else. I do not have the VIN or anything else (title, insurance card, etc.). Is there a way I could find that car after all these years? Thanks.

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Without a vin your pretty much at a dead end.
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I'd probably search for a similar car, one that needs some work and rebuild it to more/less match the one you had.
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Even with the VIN you would need to have access to the states registration system and they simply dont give that information out to anybody.

The info is there, I got title to my 68 bug couple years ago, they punched the VIN in and found it had been stolen off the new car lot. They had to contact that state to verify that it was resolved, it was!

Now if you had a good friend that was a cop!

But again, no VIN, nothing to go by!
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Hopeless Project

I tried to find a 1940 Ford Coupe I had almost finished putting in a 330 Hemi engine in 1965. I was invited to join the Army, and had no barn to hide it if I made it back after the Vietnam war. I sold it without the sense to keep the numbers on it. I have a picture of it, but no VIN either. For the same money to do it now, I might as well buy a Challenger with the big Hemi in it lol
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they simply dont give that information out to anybody.
Unless you are a telemarketer. They don't seem to have any trouble getting mine and calling to tell me my warranty has expired, yada yada yada.

I feel the "lost car" pain. Had a 1966 Austin-Healey Sprite (my first car, bought and paid for by me) when I was 16-18. Sold it right before I went off to MCRD Parris Island, SC in 1972. Worst car buying/selling mistake I ever made.
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Your car is probably beautifully restored and not for sale or went to the crusher decades ago.
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1) Reconstruct a partial VIN from what you already know about the car
You can reconstruct a partial vin from what you've already said about the car.
The first digits of the VIN would probably be be "LM23P9F"
L-Dodge Dart
M- Medium price
23 - 2 door hard top
P - 340 engine
F - Newark Delaware

Then go to the big database of 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340 VINS.
and use "crtrl-f" to search for LM23P9F cars

-edit well, here are two possible VINS from that database...

2) Check around for a local MOPAR car club, ALSO check around for the SE Pennsylvania Hemi owners club. Both of them will have spent lots of time searching VINs and keeping track of cars.

3) Finally, you MIGHT also check online databases like "Newspapers.com" which have been scanning and OCR's the major newspapers for the Philly metro area - so you MIGHT find a newspaper adds from the used car lot that you sold the car to.
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One or the other! There was a similar Swinger for sale near my hometown about 30 or 40 years ago. My ex-wife said it was the one I had so my son and I went and looked at it. It wasn't mine. When you have a car that you loved you know everything about it, but one way I knew it wasn't mine was this: when I still had it I installed a bracket for my 8-track player. It was the type bracket that I could remove every night and take it inside with me. I put the bracket on the under side of the dash right under the ash tray. There should have been some screw holes there even if the bracket was gone but there were none. Plus when I sat on the driver's seat it just didn't feel right. If both of those things would have been good I would have bought it for the asking price of 5 grand. But I didn't! I wish I would have kept an insurance card or owner's card or something that had the VIN number on it. By the way, thanks for your comments.
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Thank you for all that information. I did try the two VIN numbers you suggested on decodethis.com but both times I was told the VIN numbers are 17 digits. I didn't think that was correct back in the 70's but they should know better. I will try the MOPAR clubs and the SE Pa. hemi club and see what I can come up with. It's easy to say now but I should have kept that car. Young and dumb!
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A quick clarification- you'll need to search on "LM23P9" VINs, without the manufacturing plant code.
With around 20,000 Dodge Darts made in 1969, they would have shipped them from all over the place.

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ernie -
I canít add anything to all the excellent info already given, and this a little off the point Ė but boy those Dodge Dart Swingers were nice cars. Those were the days. I had a 1969 Plymouth GTX back then and my brother had a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. Wish I would have kept mine. Hope you get lucky somehow and find yours.
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I worked at Chrysler Canada in Windsor, ON from 1964 to 1973.
We built some great cars back then. We built the 340 in Windsor and I had a buddy who worked on the 340/360 engine design in Auburn Hills MI.
It was a blast running the finished 340s on the roll test before shipping

Good luck finding your car .. you brought back some great memories
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