2004 Monte Carlo headlamp/turn signal problems


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2004 Monte Carlo headlamp/turn signal problems

I got a warning light: "headlight beam out." I checked and one of the four headlamp bulbs was at only say 10% of the same bulb on the other side. I figured all I had to do was change that bulb. Anyway, went to show a more mechanical friend and when I started the car, the headlight beam out" warning light did not come on. I put on the emergency flashers and all the turn signal bulbs worked but they started flashing really fast. Then we tested the highbeam headlamps. I have never driven with them on permanently. So I pulled back the turn signal/multifunction lever and the highbeams came on. Then I asked (perhaps a bad move) how to get the highbeams to stay on. My friend pretty aggressively pulled the turn signal multifunction lever back and it clicked and the highbeams stayed on. But now I can't get them off. Any idea how to get them off?

And this may be more complicated than that because the turn signal blinkers still flash really fast on the console but weirdly as the actual turn signals. It's like a weak blinking on both side no matter which turn signal is activated. Plus just sitting in the car, the roof light came on via nothing I did. Plus when I turned the car off, the radio clock stayed on. I then opened the door and shut it again and the clock was off.

I vaguely recall having a similar problem years ago.

Any suggestions (beside taking the car in to the mechanic--which I will do as soon as I can but sometimes that can be a week) on any temporary fixes? Thanks.
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Usually a headlight bulb is good or bad. If it was dim.... that would indicate a poor electrical connection. If the headlights are all even now.... then just removing and reinstalling the plug on the bulb cleaned the socket. If it happens again.... check for corrosion or heat problems with that connector.

Pulling the stalk back all the way puts the switch in high beam mode.
Pushing the switch forward should put it back to normal.

Make sure all the bulbs are good and are working. If both sides are affected it's not usually a bad bulb but see if they are actually flashing fast. There is a possibility that there is a problem with the flasher module which could be just a replaceable flasher or a control module.

In many GM vehicles the radio stays on after the key is turned off. Then opening and closing the door turns it off.
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Thanks so much, Pete. Today I went and tested things and the turn signals, brake lights and headlights work absolutely perfectly. (I think there still may be something wrong, though.) I do not know why.

The only thing left is the stalk not being able to be pushed forward, so the brights are stuck on when I use the headlights. I tried to push it forward but it just doesn't go and I'm afraid of breaking it.

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