What Should I Do With This PT Cruiser?


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What Should I Do With This PT Cruiser?

I have a 2010 PT cruiser, and thus far it's in pretty fine shape. Been keeping up with with maintenance and repairs, and it has about 115,000 miles on it. I'd love to stretch it's life, maybe even hit the big 2-0-0 on it! I have had no major problems with it, and I just did some tie-rod replacement and front-end alignment as well.

Now I want to do what I can preventative. I just need to know the few key things I should work on next to ensure I can get the most out of it before something major happens. The number one thing I keep hearing is replacing the timing chain before it brakes (as this has been known to wreck a motor).

Should that be my next item of business? And are there any other major things I should preemptively fix/replace before they become a major problem?
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Where do you live? Is it a southern car or a northern car?
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Unfortunately, PT Cs are not known to be very reliable vehicles.
If youi have chain, don't worry about it.
You need religious ATF changes every 35000 miles. Religious.
Religious oil changes.
Your spark plugs are due.
Serpentine belt is due. Or, any engine belts.
That's about it. Small stuff, like air filters and such, come as it goers.
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Is the timing drive item included in the owners maintenance schedule? If not, it is your choice to change or not to change and when. Wear on the timing drive item (belt or chain) is not measurable so items like mileage, costs, etc. are used to make the decision. Good luck.
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Near as I can tell that's a timing belt and replacement rec is 105K miles. Probably a good investment and if that's a timing belt-driven water pump, do it as well.
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My parents had a PT Cruise phase. I recall several motor mounts had to be replaced so I'd keep an eye on them.
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If it's belt, then surely it's due, and due sooner, than later.
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