OBD scanner

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OBD scanner

I was looking for a scanner to be for home use. I would like something that has the codes and can predict problems, I see a lot of people are recommending the bluetooth model that connect to your phone. in your personal experience what type or model would you recommend and if bluetooth does it come with the apps to operate it?
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I bought an inexpensive one on Ebay for around $20ish. It works fine for me and everyone that I know who asks to borrow it. It reads codes, resets codes, and tells you what the codes mean. Mine is a MaxiScan MS509 and I'm completely happy with it. Comes with a book, cable, and a carrying case.
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Mine is from Harbor Freight... also happy with it. No Bluetooth, i don't really need it, and don't miss it. A scanner is just another tool. Codes may give clues as to the problem but typically you still need to have the brains to diagnose problems and not just blindly replace parts unless you are pretty sure the part really needs replacing.

For instance, if a code says that it could be MAF sensor or EGR valve or Oxygen sensor or vacuum leak, or fuel trim rich or lean, etc... that is not a list of parts you should replace, starting with the easiest or cheapest, or most likely. They are clues as to whats going on.
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Once OBD-II became main stream everyone started making readers.
I have several readers. Most available are basic. Read codes - clear check engine light.
Better, more expensive models also include additional items like ABS braking systems and code definitions. These types usually come with a subscription service for updates.

I was looking at the bluetooth models and some of them look pretty sophisticated and helpful.
Bluetooth OBD-II adapters
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and can predict problems,
Find me one that can do that and I'll buy it!

Yes I agree, the world does not need to resolve around so called smart phones, the last thing I really want is having my phone around when I'm working on the car, one less thing to get in the way, dropped, broken!
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I fixed my nieces 2011 nissan sentra last week. it started to stall out and go into limp mode. the code reader at Orielly auto read that the maf sensor was bad, did a little research on the internet and found out it was actually the air intake hose. what xsleeper said about blindly replacing parts is true.
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Torque pro. Plus $10 or so BT dongle.
Folks also swear by Carista.
Torque is one time purchase. Carista is subscription based.
Whatever you buy, "basic" code reader will never do a comprehensive readout. You need one that reads engine, ABS, brakes, body, CAN BUS and transmission codes for complete diagnostic. That is NOT a BT dongle app. Things like this are called intelligent scanners and are purchased off Aliexpress.

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