Car Horn - Not Working

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Car Horn - Not Working

My car horn has died a slow death.
Over the last few months it was working on and off. Sometimes you'd press it and it would work. Other times nothing would happen.

Now it's not working at all. Any ideas if it's an easy fix. A quick google search has suggested switching out a relay.
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Start with the horn itself, they are usually in an area that is exposed so the horn or the connector could be corroded.
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First you need to do the work and trace down the source. Is power getting to the horn? Is the switch in the steering wheel bad? Is there a broken or loose wire? With modern cars I can't imagine there is an old fashioned ice cube relay to replace. It's all probably baked into a circuit board somewhere.
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1. bad 12V contact on horn.
2. bad fusible link to it
3. bad fuse
4. bad horn button
5. bad horn

Either or all of the above.
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Describe the car. What make? What model year?
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Make/year/model of vehicle.
We couldn't begin to diagnose your symptom without that info.
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I've always just unplugged the horn and connected the battery charge to it to see if it blows first. These things do go bad and they can die a slow death. Before you get too deep, start at the horn itself.

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