Fuel Injector Cleaner (recommendation)

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Fuel Injector Cleaner (recommendation)

Which one do you use?

Has anyone used this one GumOut?

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Fuel injectors are pretty durable, if the vehicle has not been sitting for extended period of time, or the gas was stabilized I think this is just one of those items they want you to think makes a difference but really doesn't do much!
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When I remember I add a bottle of cleaner to my vehicles when I change the oil. I've used that cleaner and as far as I know it does ok, I use it as preventive maintenance.
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Thanks Marq and MarkSR
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Chevron Techron has been the "go to" cleaner of choice for many garages.
I used it routinely before I switched to a diesel vehicle.

Fuel injector cleaner review
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Pete, I used use Chevron every two months until Costco stopped carrying the bulk load. Yeah, I may revert back to it soon. Thanks

BTW... A friend of mine told me that if I get gas from Chevron, it is the same as pouring their product into the tank. Not sure if this is true.
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probably not any of them really going to do much when you dilute it with gas so much changed many injectors so plugged up that there really was no cleaner that was going to fix it but that was likely due to not being filtered enough.
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Been faithful user since circa 2003 on ALL of our cars, oil or gas.
They also make spray that can be sprayed into the air intake.
And, transmission cleaner, called Transtune.
All work great.
Truly, to clean injectors right, you need to get them out and run cleaner directly. Plenty of DIY vids on YT on that.
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Thanks Alan and UKRBYK.
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Royal Purple Max Clean has good reviews. I've used it a couple times, but haven't noticed much difference. Probably because my injectors are fine.
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I always used Techron since I can't get the BG cleaner anymore, I lost my BG contact. I used Techron as recent as this week in my 2018 Camry and saw an almost immediate result. I see Seafoam recommended, let me tell you a story about Seafoam.

I purchased a 2007 Toyota Camry that had around 90K on it. I drove it for a few weeks then decided to put Seafoam in the fuel tank....big mistake. I've used Seafoam in my outboard motor, so I'm not a total hater.

Within a few miles, my 4 cylinder Camry started guzzling oil, I burned a quart every 1200 miles! I didn't know it right away until I made a bend and something flashed up on my dash. When it happened the first time, I didn't see what it said and I thought that I was low on washer fluid so I topped it off. The very next day on the same downhill turn, it happened again and this time I got to read the message "low engine oil pressure"! I immediately stopped in a Walmart and checked the oil, it didn't register on the stick! I put 2 quarts in it and it reached the stick safely, I immediately called the dealer where I bought it who offered to send a flat bed. I told him I was good and I'd drive it to the dealership.

The dealership drained and changed the oil then sealed the refill and dipstick and told me to drive it for 1000 miles and come back, after 1000 miles it was down almost a quart. They tore my engine down and found that all of the oil return holes behind the rings in the pistons were clogged with what looked like carbon, I have the pictures. The inside of my engine was perfectly clean, no sludge anywhere. The determination was that the Seafoam had loosened the carbon from top of the piston and redeposited it clogging the oil return holes. I will never run Seafoam in a car engine again if there is any possibility that it has any kind of a carbon buildup!

The Toyota 4 cylinder engine was eventually recalled for some engines burning oil and new pistons were installed under warranty, it's my assumption that the Seafoam caused the issue or at a minimum, sped up the failure.

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