91 Olds Power Trunk Pull Down


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Here are the facts:

1991 Oldsmobile 98 with a power trunk pull down

Top latch responds to trunk release both remote and in car.

Power pull down will not engage (currently in up position) and top latch will not catch so trunk will not close. (using a bungee right now)

Bought new power pull down/motor from junk yard, no change.

Tested wire on TOP latch, and circuit is hot when trunk release is pressed. This is not so on power trunk pull down wire (which is orange and black), so must not be getting power.

Fuse is same on power pull down as on top latch, so I don't think it is the fuse.

I tried to follow the wire to see if there were any obvious shorts or bad connections but it gets lost behind back seat, making this difficult.

It would appear that when the top and bottom pieces meet , they complete a circuit which initiates the pull down of the trunk and the locking of the top latch on to the pull down piece.
Is there anyway to replace the latches with a manual latch or someway to overide the current set up so it latches?
Any suggestions would be appreciated as i realy want to avoid bringing it to the dealer to rewire it.
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according to this wiring diagram that im looking at ,there are two wires to the pull down unit black and orange , the black wire is ground the orange wire goes all the way and gets its pwr from #4 fuse at the relay center located under the rear cowl in your engine compartment, that fuse pwrs up a number of circuits , horn ,relay, trunk release fog lamp relay and blower it seems to have a junction near by where all these circuits come into one junction that goes to this fuse, check that all the wires are conected together , another thing you may want to do is apply your own power source to the orange wire at the pull down unit and see if the unit actually works
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Thanks Gix,
What I've done in the meantime is run a wire from the power antenna power source to the pull down, which immedialty (when the radio was turned on) pushed the pull down latch into the up position and allows the trunk to latch shut but for some reason will not pull it closed (stays up)? But as a matter of fact, I've just discovered that the horn is not working so , as your post indicates, it probably has something to do with that relay center...I'll check it out. Is there anyway you can post that wiring diagram?
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Probably too late, but this is how it works.


There are 2 switches. 1 on the trunk lid and 1
in the trunk.

When you open the trunk, weather by using the
key or the remote or the trunk release button,
this causes the latch on the trunk lid to open.

When the trunk opens, it releases the pull down
switch lever in the trunk. This causes
the motor to raise the trunk latch to the "up"
position. When you close the trunk, this opens
the switch on the trunk lid, which causes the
motor to "pull down" the lid. When the trunk lid
gets pulled down, it closes the pull down switch
lever and stops the motor.

So, the problem is the switch on the trunk lid
and not the "pull-down" switch in the trunk.

This switch costs $16.00 from any G.M. dealer.

If you don't want to spend the money for a new
switch, you can solve the problem for free.

Remove the motor and unscrew the metal plate
below the latch (this takes a torx tool) and
manually lower the latch by hand. Just turn
the plastic worm gear with your fingers. It
may take a few tries, but you can get it so
the trunk will close perfectly.

You will still be able to use the remote to open the trunk and the only difference will be that
you will have to "close" the trunk like most
other people.

I still can't figure out why people need a motor
to close their trunk.

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Mark, thanks for the info....been driving around with a bungee holding down my trunk hood for a while now and trying to get my hands on a new used motor/switch, which now realize I don't need at all............took your advice this evening and no more bungee.........thanks again

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