towing upgrade options

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towing upgrade options

Towing with a 2012 santa fe. 3500\350. new RV is 3000/300 dry. pulls and stops fine. trans temps are not high. I have slight sag in between camper and TV. I saw where I can buy some sort of rubber spacer that goes in between 2 coils and doesnt allow them to compress as much it is called a sumo coil spring. Then I also have the option to get a weight distribution bar. Should I do one or both? has anyone ever used such a device like the sumo coil spring? also referred as a suspension enhancer. Its a pretty easy install unlike an airbag system.

side thoughts. I currently cant open tail gate because its too close to the powered trailer jack. Would it kill the performance too much to get a 4 inch longer hitch putting the weight even further from the axle ?
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Personally I think that is too much trailer for your tow vehicle.

By far the best option is the weight distributing hitch. Keep in mind that you are still operating at your vehicle's maximim towing weight and are likely exceeding it. The weights usually given for a trailer are when it's absolutely empty. No, clothes, pots/pans, hoses, lawn chairs... Then if you are carrying any water or gray or black liquid the weight really goes up and don't forget that weight of propane in the tanks. It all adds up.

Also keep in mind that your have only mentioned the towing capacity. You also need to be mindful of what's inside the tow vehicle. A full tank of gas; 2, 3 or 4 people, luggage. All of that also comes into play. So, add up everything you are rolling down the road with and I bet you'll find that you are at the maximum or over weight.

Do NOT extend your hitch receiver. Extending it will hurt your towing capacity and make the vehicle squat worse.
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By all means, use a weight distribution hitch. And make sure to adjust the lift on the hitch to the proper height so you can maintain control of the tow vehicle.

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