Subaru And Turbochargers ?

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Subaru And Turbochargers ?


My son has seen some Subaru Outback models that apparently
have a turbo-charger.

He is very, very concerned re reliability.

Should he be for a Subaru product with a turbo charger ?

Pros and cons of turbocharged "passenger" type cars ?

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In general, there is nothing wrong with turbochargers. I am sure you are aware of the purpose they serve. For the discussion & to somewhat answer your question, the down fall to having one or not is, when they go out, they're expensive to replace.

Turbochargers are not my expertise, so hopefully others with more knowledge will give you sound advice.

Good luck....
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not really very many cons they can make a lot of power and are fairly reliable guess the only con I can think of is the engines generally wear out a little faster if your looking at used cars with high mileage.
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When turbos first became fairly widely used, they developed a (well deserved) reputation for poor reliability. The bearings those models used were just not up to the task over the long term, and the designers didn't provide sufficient cooling.

Different story these days as the deficiencies have been addressed with reasonable success. They are not perfect, and there are failures like any other part of a car, but it shouldn't be an automatic reason to disqualify a car these days. IOW, the pros outweigh the cons.
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Given the choice of a good V6 vs a small 3 cylinder turbocharged engine I'll take that low tech slow revving V6 any day.
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Never owned a Subaru but drove Audi turbocharged for 20 years. Reliability is there, but a few notes. Premium fuel is necessary, @ .60-.80/gallon over regular. Synthetic oil necessary for the high revs of the turbo. Plumbing is critical. By this I mean there is a lot more involved in the supply of pre and post charged air. Any air leak can cause tune issues. At least for Audi, maybe not for Subaru.
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Pretty sure the only subarus that require premium are the WRX and BRZ.
Turbo doesn't automatically mean premium; my ranger turbo calls for regular.
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Direct-injected cars with turbos generally still run on regular gas. What Subaru is doing for fuel delivery to the cylinders, I don't know.

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