Honda CR-V...Transmission Trouble?

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Honda CR-V...Transmission Trouble?

Greetings. I have a 2015 Honda CR-V, approx 120k miles on it. It has CVT. It's had vibration problems since I got it and I am used to that. But now, I am noticing that when traveling down hill (somewhat steep to steep), the engine or the CVT works really hard to slow me up. I hear an audible noise - loud enough that a passenger will remark about it. I am wondering if I need to take the car for service somewhere or if this is standard for these cars. I have 120k miles on it so I wouldn't be heartbroken if you all advise me to be rid of it but if it's a feature of the CVT and not a harbinger of upcoming trouble, I'm happy to keep it a few more years, too.

I thank you all in advance for the input.

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I think what you are describing is normal for the CVT CRV. I've heard this called CVT engine braking, and owners complain about it frequently.
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My 2015 70,000mi. makes the engine rev when going downhill. Don't think it vibrates or makes any other noises.
also look on
Maybe change the CVT fluid to check for anything unusual.
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Wife has a 2015 CRV Touring AWD 105k. Vibration at idle is "normal" (but should not be ). Engine braking is normal. "Audible" noise is not normal. What destroys CVT transmissions more than anything else is lack of fluid changes at appropriate intervals. The mileage minder should tell you when, just have to decode the display. I'd look into the noise cause.

Sidebar: These cars have LED display in front and 2 displays off to the side that tell you all kinds of info. Yet their mileage minder displays 2 or 3 letter "codes" for service needs.

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