Some car tire questions - brand / treadwear importance?

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Some car tire questions - brand / treadwear importance?

Anyone care to share some thoughts on what tire brand they like and is treadwear rating a good way to choose a tire?

On my 2013 civic, I got about 26K miles from the original tires. I got Michelin premier A/S (treadwear 640, 60k warranty) from costco. My son was out at college with the car and needed new tires at 58K (so we only got 32K miles on the michelins) and he got pirelli P4 (treadwear 820, 70K warranty) from Sams out there. (we usually get our tires from Costco and get michelins).

It's 140K now on the car and the tires might need to be replaced soon. Never had tires last that long. The ride was good - it's an old honda so smooth / less noise or any of that isn't important to me. I just want and know they held the road on turns in rain / snow.... till recently as the tread gets less?.

Its been me driving the car most all the time vs. my son. the 32K miles vs. 80K because of the brand? The treadwear rating? I know over the years, we've never gotten the rated life from michelins on different cars. sometimes we get warranty credit. Sometimes, the tires wore uneavenly a bit but still likely wouldn't have gotten the full warranty life.

My wife needs tires on her Subaru outback. Not sure how to approach this. Get michelin from costco? Get Pirelli from Sams? Look for a high treadwear rating?

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Never had tires last that long.
Seems like you just gave yourself the best recommendation available!
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There are so many interacting factors in tires it's hard to make general recommendations. I find the reviews and testing they do over at to be a good starting point when tire shopping. You can tell the search engine what characteristics are more/less important to you and it will give you some recommendations that line up with your priorities. Then you can read the test track reports and finally user reviews and narrow it down.

But I have to agree with Marq1: if you're happy with the tires you had, leave well enough alone.

The fly in the ointment is that (like shoe companies!) tire companies seem to change tire models and formulations frequently, so a lot of times you can't buy the exact same tire when it comes time to replace them.
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With our winters, I typically look at the rating in the snow as one of the first factors in choosing a tire. I think the type of tire is the biggest factor in tread life - a summer, high performance tire is just not going to last long because it is designed to be soft to allow the best traction on dry roads.
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might consider all things including price but I never consider treadwear for the most part as the ones I have tried still lost a lot of traction in snow, as they wear down so I ended up replacing them anyway with enough tread left they still had a lot of miles left in them if you was only driving on wet roads.
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