cost of repair est. 2017 Honda Crv EXL

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cost of repair est. 2017 Honda Crv EXL

Instead of the dealer I tried garage near me. I live with all the old folks near DC so the garages have their pick..
I am wondering if I am be better off at the dealer after the last try.
Let me know what my bill should have been. for A2 schedule
Change differential fluid
Oil and filter.
Cabin air filter and engine filter
4 tires I cannot spell balanced but not aligned[no equipment]. He said tires are a good deal.
I paid $2,004.00
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I think you paid a lot more than you should have. Not sure what a dealer would charge. The big one is tires. I'm guessing here, but I would assume high end tires could be around $150 each so $600 or maybe $700 for tires is on the high end. I've done all my own oil changes for the last 30 years, but I can't imagine that an oil change would cost more than $50 or so, but let's say $100 just to be save. Diff fluid change would be $50 or so. Cabin filter should be no more than $25. Other parts of an A2 service (if memory serves me right) is just a few inspection points.
I'm guess that your total should have been around $1000 on the high end.

If you're in the Hagerstown area, I can recommend a couple of shops that do good work at fair prices

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Call the dealer and ask for an estimate.
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You paid.
You consented.
It's done and over.
Shop around next time but this one - just forget it.
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I'm not sure we can give an estimate with that limited info. That sometimes could be basic, but it depends on where you live... NY City vs rural Ms. for example.
Depend on the shop. If its Jim Bobs repair shop at his house.... $60 per hr labor. If its a reputable shop in town... $110 per hr labor. (Dealer is probably $125+ per hr)
Depends on parts quality. It they used generic parts... cheaper. Name brand parts... higher. maybe 2 or 3 times higher. You can get a $7.00 oil filter or a $20 oil filter.
Tires - yeah they can be $50 each to $400 each depending on whether you buy generic tires or Pirelli's for example.

But a dealer is ALWAYS going to be one of the highest places, if not THE highest for parts & labor.
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just call around and get estimates next time, tires can vary a lot, but seems like you over paid most likely but you should of asked for an estimate before any work was approved to be done.
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What Dixie said, and along with the dealerships, I'm not a big fan of franchise garages either. I like small, independent garages with good reputations.

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