2010 lincoln MKZ 3.5 Misfire in limp mode

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2010 lincoln MKZ 3.5 Misfire in limp mode

Im getting code po356. I disconnected the coil plug from cylinder 6 while engine was running and there was no change. engine still misfire and in limp mode also check engine light remains on. could it be a bad coil or spark plug?
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I believe those are coil over plug and if it was my car I'd be doing all 6 rather than one at a time, but it's really up to you. At a minimum I'd replace that coil and plug at the same time if you have determined the coil wires are sending the proper voltage.
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That should be P0356.

The power train control module has detected in a fault in the #6 cylinder circuit.
It doesn't say the coil is bad. That is just one possible problem.
The circuit and coil should be checked instead of just changing the coil.
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Certainly, if you have misfire on cyl 6 already, and you disconnect coil, why would there be any change in how engine works, if cyl 6 does not work anyway?
What you want to do is to swap cyl 6 coilpack with say cyl 4. If code moved to the cyl 4 now, it's bad coil. If not, swap plugs same way. Thus, you can figure, if it's pack or plug.
If after those swaps nothing changes, you most likely have bad injector on cyl 6.

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