Academic driveaxle/tire question


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Just had both drivexles replaced in a 96 Corolla, non ABS.This was performed per advice of Haynes and this forum (good deal, guys!). Then headed to tire shop since cupping I had not noticed before on all 4 Goodyear Weatherhandler tires (about 40K miles on 'em) manifested itself by way of lub-dub/shakey-shake. As I said in subject line, question is academic, since two tires have already been replaced (two more due as soon as payday comes) and problem is less serious.
---Could a worn driveaxle with loose ol'CV joints had masked the tire problem? The difference before axle replacement and after was dramatic.
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A lot of things.

My neighbor who has a garage, has a brother with one of these. It's a 93 Corolla. Same thing.

Wheel bearing was WIPED out in an accident once and tire blown out and replaced with a used one. Noticeable noise. Bearing and hub were shot. Hub was so bad, have to commandeer a junked unit on Monday or a new one from Toyota.

Rotate the tires from front to back? Does the problem transfer to the rear? If so, tire/rim related.
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update on 96 Corolla Driveaxle

Turns out both driveaxles were bad according to shop that installed them. Regional parts store reimbursed 1/2 of cost ($100) of labor and swapped even for axles. Shop guy felt of the axle and was able to tell CV joint was locking up.
Have to ping the shop, though, since I took it straight back after installation and they thought tire had a knot in it. After a few months, above re-install completed. Never heard of both axles bad....can't be the tires/rims, though, since replaced all four of each.
Unusual situation, for me at least.

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