1990 Dodge Spirit 2.5 4cyl

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Wanted to know where I could purchase a Fail-Safe thermostat
for a 2.5 liter Chrysler engine.Do open loop thermostats operate effectively? Is it true that this engine's coolant need be mechanically bled?This model and others similar are noted for inaccuracy between gauge readings and reality (temperature and oil pressure). Would appreciate all advice and help.
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Change it every year and there's no problem. Or use a Mopar piece and be done with it .

Stant is the company that makes a failsafe one if I recall correctly. They might also be making the Mopar piece (They make some for Delco for GM).

Don't use anything but the right temperature rating. It will fool the coolant sensor as to what the correct engine coolant temperature is and you may have problems. Stick with what is rated for this vehicle by Chrysler and the parts catalogs.

Also make sure that your radiator is clean. If it's old or scaled, have it boiled out at a radiator shop or dump it for a new one. These are problematic at times.

Check alldata.com for any known bulletins or troubles in this realm. Memory serves me there might be a bulletin about an innacurate temp. gauge.

If you find something, print out the bulletin title and bring it to a Chrysler dealer. They can give you the full article and you will see what the corrective action is.

Good luck..
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Does anyone know where the thermostat is? Is it located behind the hose that runs from the radiator to the front of the engine?
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Follow the upper hose to the block. It's under the housing where that top hose is bolted to the block.

See autolibrary (the link is below in my signature file) for the R&R procedure(s).
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Thanks I located it and changed the hose along with the thermostat.

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