no spark continued


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I have a Hanes repair manual...not the most helpful, but better than nothing. I am almost positive that there is no spark to the coil. The truck is 40 miles from home, so I want to have a real good understanding of what to do before I make a third trip to it.
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Please keep all posts on the same vehicle together by using the Reply button. It keeps continuity that way.

Sounds to me like a bad cam sensor. It sounded like a source of the problem before. Did you replace it with a new plug and pigtail the last time? I would pick up a new cam sensor and pigtail and be on the way to it.

If not, believe it or not, in time and effort, it might be worth having it towed to your house where you can work on it and have time to get to it and figure it out when you have it in the comfort and convenience of your home/garage.
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Talking Thanks

Thanks Joe_F for your time and knowledge. Is there a way to test the sensor that you know of?
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Resistance with a voltmeter (have to know the spec from the book). Joe says: If you don't use the sensor now, it will come in handy in the future. When ye are 40 miles away, ye will change parts in the dark rather than putz to figure it out .
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No Spark #3

I ran a wire from the positive battery to the positive side of the coil and the truck started. However, it will not shut off with the ignition switch now. Sounds like ignition switch is bad?
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Sure does to me. Or a bad wire coming from it.

Get the sucker home first and then putz around
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no spark

i have a 2003 2 door blazer that is doing the same thing if you find out what is wrong e-mail me
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Watch the dates on the posts, 'cats; this one is 5 years old.

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