Turn signals 97 taurua sho


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Turn signals 97 taurua sho

The turn signals and flashers on my 97 taurus sho quit completely. All other lights work. Fuses all good. Parts store locator manual shows only one flasher on car. Think I found it on left side of column under dash. Small square box about inch and half with three spade connections. Meter did not show any power to it though. What am I missing? Could it be something else?
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Do the hazards work normally? If they do, give the Ford dealer's parts dept a call and find out what they use. Some cars use a relay, not a flasher.
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No the hazards don't work at all either. Not sure if they work off the same flasher as the turn signals or not.
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Typically not. They work off of separate areas.

It could be a bad turn signal switch in the column. That would make sense why both are not working.

Fords are known to have woes in these switches.

Memory escapes me how that steering column is set up (My aunt has a 1997 Taurus and I just worked on it yesterday.

I believe the column is clamshelled like older Ford columns and there's no need to remove the wheel to do any work in there.

Watch out for the air bag. Disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes before you mess around in there to avoid blowing the air bag off.
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Your car should have a single relay that controls both the flashers and the hazards.It should be located in the fuse box/panel under the dash on the drivers side.If you have your owners manual it will show you which relay it is.
The power comes from a couple of fuses to your relay. It's probably either the relay or as Joe_F mentioned the multifunction switch.
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The solution

If the flasher has no power to it, the problem most likely is in the "mulit-function" switch. It takes about a hour or so to replace it. It does cost between 50-100 dollars at most after market part stores. I e-mail some one with the same problem and this is how they fixed it.

I also just fixed my car today with the same problem.
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I have a 98 Taurus SHO with the same problem. It's very common for the contacts for the switch in the column to get very dirty. Usually working the switch up and down quite a bit gets it to work.

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Do you have your cams welded?

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