84 ford ranger starter


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james gallagher
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Question 84 ford ranger starter

my starter keeps loosing off and it seems like it needs shims or wedges to keep it in place , if i lift it up and tighten the bolts it stays for about 10 starts but vibrates loose enough for it to miss the flywheel, i currently have no lock nuts on the bolts, do i need them or would wedges help ? and how do i keep the bolts tight?

the next problem is my engine goes up and down in rpms by itself it almost stalls then goes to a fast idle then goes down again , thanks any help is muchly appreciated, these are a great truck otherwise , oh ya the motor is a 4cyl. 2.0 l standard transmission. thanks
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The bolts may be too short so their is not enough grab or thier the wrong bolts. Lock nuts help as they apply a force to the bolt and help prevent loosening due to vibration. I owned the same truck and if you look under the hood you'll see you have plenty of emission controls, valves and hoses. Check all the hoses and connection t's as you might have a leak which is causing the surge. Also check around the carb spacer and gaskets. Spray carb cleaner around the base to see if it changes the surge. It may also need to be tuned, timed and the idle set for best performance
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Try putting some loctite on the threads of the bolts. You will find it in the glue section of most autoparts stores or maybe walmart. Get at least medium strength. This should prevent them from loosening up during vibration.
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I agree with all presented here.

Be careful to get the right Loctite! Get service removable (blue or green) otherwise the bolts will be welded in there .

As Steve said, make sure you have the right bolts. Auto parts stores stock the correct bolts for most applications.
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james gallagher
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Smile fixed

found the problem, it was a starter that i bought from UAP autoparts it was not an original ,put in a motocraft which they come with and it starts like new. the cause of it loosening off was the timing was off (+29 degrees advanced) . the starter gear would get caught when the motor would start therefore creating a crounching sound ,which explained the cracked nosecone on the starter, but timed it and got myself a motocraft starter from a friend . and works like new , it should though only 127,567 km on it. thanks again for all the replies and info. this is a great forum that saved me and probably alot of other people the bucks .

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