Problems with fuel injectors for 1990 Hyundai Excel.


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Problems with fuel injectors for 1990 Hyundai Excel.

The car only fires up when the injectors are not plugged in. As soon as they are plugged in the car will not fire up. Before this problem arose the car would start and then die a few seconds later. We then cleaned the injectors and now everything is backwards. A tune-up has been done as well as a new fuel filter. Can somebody tell me how to fix this problem? I am stranded a few hundred miles from home.
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Likely a ground problem with the computer. However, you're not clear here. I find it tough that the car would run with the fuel injectors unplugged.....

Did you check the fuel pressure with a gauge? Might have a bad fuel pump. Does the car always have spark?

Check my post "The Basics" for more ideas.

It might be cheaper to: 1) Have it fixed where you are located. 2) Tow it home and work on it where you can put some time into it, 3) This sounds cruel, but scrap it then and there. It might cost you several hundred bucks to tow it home, and might not be worth fixing if it is a computer or something into the hundreds, as a 1990 Hyundai is an older unit. It might cost you close to 500 bucks to tow and fix it! .
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I hope you are not still stranded! The first thing you need to do is check what code the computer is putting out. Actually that is the second, first being get a manual and start reading. These things are hard to work on parts are expensive~ unless it has great sentimental value leave it!...Wish I had done same years ago! P.S. I think Hyundai might mean something really nasty in Korean!!!
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You may also want to check the fuel regulator and vacuum.

To answer albochella- Hyundai translated is "Disposable car".LOL

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