exhaust leak


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exhaust leak

'81 El Camino- In order to locate an exhaust leak under the hood-near the manifold[ with engine running]--is there a substance that can be inducted into the carb. ,that will show the area where the leak is ???
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Not for an exhaust leak. If you have a leak at the carb (on the intake), you can spray a little carb cleaner at the base gasket/carb. If the RPM's change, the gasket is wiped or the bolts on the carb are loose.

For an exhaust leak you will usually hear it. Check all the donut joints and spring loaded bolts for rot and leaks. If not that, the metal AIR manifold trees screwed to the manifolds rot out and so do the check valves. Wiggle on those and you'll likely find one broken. Replace them and put in new valves.

Barring that, the exhaust leak is probably from a rotten muffler or tailpipe or a hole in the converter.

The sound usually tells you what type of noise .
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Joe, you are good!
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When I was trying to find out if I had a leak in one of my vaccuum hoses on my truck, I was told to take a propane torch and move the torch back and forth across the engine, and if you see the propane being sucked into one of the hoses, that is where the leak is. I don't know if that will help you or not with your problem, but it is worth a try.
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That is the enrichening method and works too. However, the torch will likely melt something old and brittle .

As a matter of course, it's good practice to change all of the vacuum lines and hoses every couple of years. They get old, dried out and brittle. This will cause you a lot of grief. Early 80's cars were myriads of vacuum lines and emission controls...this was when computerized engine controls were in their infancy .

Get a spool of each size vacuum hose, a razor blade and cut up all new ones, changing them one at a time. If you think you're done, chances are you missed one . It's probably a 4 hour job to do them all on a car like this. Give it a good tuneup at the same time. The car will run much better. The emission hose diagram under the hood on the fan shroud will help with any misrouted or disconnected hoses. Don't leave any off. They all have a purpose. .

I assume you have an exhaust leak, not a vacuum leak. The propane method is really for vacuum leaks, not exhaust leaks .

You don't mention what engine you have in this vehicle....

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