headlamps always on


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headlamps always on

i have an 89 pontiac bonneville and the headlamps remain on whether the car is running or not. disconnecting the twilight sentinel switch makes no difference. disconnect the headlamp switch and the lights go off. Should i replace the headlamp switch or is there another relay which is the root of the problem? thanks, lippy
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There is a relay that is probably sticking...but I don't recall where it is located. Probably under the hood on the firewall or on a strut tower. When the lights stick on, unplug the relays and reconnect them until you find the one for the lights. If it is the same part # as one of the other relays, try the other one to make sure that's the problem.
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Sometimes there's a photocell on the dash to make the lights go on (for cars with auto dimming/auto turn on lamps). If it's dirty or defective it might fool the module to turn the lights on.

Best bet is to pay 20 bucks and get the wiring diagram through a subscription to www.alldata.com and you can then trace your problem.
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found the problem

thanks for the suggestions.

eventually, i took the car in. problem: burned-out twilight sentinel amplifier fried the headlamp switch. soln: disconnected the amplifier (would have cost 250 bucks to replace it) and replace the headlamp switch (100 bucks if they do it, 12 bucks + diagnostic costs if i do it).

thanks again.
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Good job on finding it.

Did they say where this amplifier is ?

I wanted to see if I was right. Lol .

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