Need help with '87 Dodge Aries trouble codes, Help Joe_F!


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Need help with '87 Dodge Aries trouble codes, Help Joe_F!

Here is my origional message:
We have an 1987 Dodge Aries, 2.2 motor and we cannot figure out why it will not get gas to the throttle body. We checked the fuel pump, the filters and the fuel injectors. It gets gas all the way up to the fuel injector but won't spray it. If you use a spray bottle to spray a fine mist of gas, the car will stay running. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

We did as told, and came up with 21 flashes of the engine light. I tried to go on the suggested sight, but something wouldn't work. You told me to post back and you could help! Awaiting your answer eagerly!
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I could be wrong, but I think code 21 on a Dodge is oxygen sensor circuit fault. Might try a new sensor if you don't get any additional info here.
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well an oxygen sensor will not cause the problem you are having.
code 21 will not flash the check engine light 21 times it will flash it 2 times for the first digit and a short pause and 1 time for the second digit. it should start out with code 12 that is 1 flash pause 2 flashes then the fault codes and at the end of the fault codes it will flash code 55 that is 5 flashes pause 5 flashes are you sure you read the codes correctly?
did you ever check injector pulse with a noid light?
taking into consideration that the injector, fuelpump, and fuel pressure is ok there is only a couple of sensors that can cause no injector pulse on this car when you have fire which you obviously do since the car runs when you manually give it gas.
the throttle position sensor on the side of the throttle body with a 3 wire connector going to it can cause no injector pulse if reading incorrectly, and the map sensor wich is usually located on the right inner fender near or on the strut tower it also has a 3 wire connector going to it and a vacum line.
if either of these sensors are bad they can cause no injector pulse you can disconnect the electrical connector on these two sensors and see if the car starts and runs do them one at a time first the throttle position sensor and then try starting car if it doesnt start reconnect throttle position sensor and disconnect electrical connector of map sensor and try starting car if it still doesnt start you have a wiring or computer problem and will need to take it to a shop to have it diagnosed further.
if the engine starts and runs wich ever sensor you had disconnected is bad and you should replace it.
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Posts: n/a is the site that has the codes.

BeJay gave you some good advice.

Code 21 is O2 related or a failed distributor pickup circuit.

Make sure that the connector to the injector is sound. Those connectors have a habit of failing on the Chryslers.
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I was assuming it was a 2 - 1 (21) flash; never heard of one actually flashing 21 times. Also didn't think O2 would cause that problem, but knew the experts would give me back-up. Thanks.
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Here's an easy way to help figure out the problem.

Go to the parts store and get or rent a "Noid" light. It will hook up to the electrical connector on the injector. Plug it in.

If when you turn the key, the light pulses, electrically, you are getting power to the injector.

At this point, if you say you do not get gas out of the injector, but get gas to it, it would appear the injector is probably bad. They do clog and electrically short over time.

Check your fuel pressure with a gauge (also can rent it at the parts store). Is your fuel pressure within spec?

Change the O2 sensor as a matter of course. They get poisoned with all the junk and additives in the fuel today.

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