bouncing speedometer needle 83 olds delta 88


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Unhappy bouncing speedometer needle 83 olds delta 88

car info: 1983 Delta 88 royale, with a v8.
problem: My speedometer cable is bouncing like a pogo stick, especially on the highway. How do I fix the problem?

Also, my cruise control seems to be stuck in 'resume'. When I hit the brakes it disengages, but as soon as I take my foot off the brake, the gas pedal hits the floor to get back up to speed. Any ideas???
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well if you apply lube to the inside of the speedometer cable it will probably quit bouncing or you may just want to replace the cable when the inside of the cable is dry it starts binding the shaft inside which will cause the speedomoter to bounce, i believe graphite grease is what is used to lube the cable but to affectivly grease it you will need to take the cable off at speedometer and transmision and remove the inner shaft or they also make attchments for grease guns that will allow you to screw the cable onto the grease gun to push grease through the cable without removing the inside shaft.
cant really help you on your cruise control maybe someone else will.
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Yes, on the speedo cable. It's worn and bad. Change it. Cheap.

As for the cruise, could be a dead servo (83 is probably vacuum, 1984 like mine is electronic). Check it for any binding or problems.
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I bought a new speedometer cable, but ended up reusing my old one. the new one was almost twice as long as the OEM one. I had the napa guy double check it - didn't have any applications that were 31". I sprayed some liquid graphite on the inner shaft, and put it back together. Spins a lot easier now, but I haven't road tested it yet.

I think my cruise is vacuum, b/c there are 3 or 4 vacuum hoses coming out of the unit. how do I go about finding the dead servo?
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Buy an OEM cable. Aftermarket ones are hokey. Get one from a GM dealer or Delco. It is likely the source of the wavering speedo.

Yes, your car has a vacuum based system. 1984 Deltas like mine have an electronic servo.

Swap in another vacuum unit from another Delta and that will probably solve the problem. I've gotten them at yards for 5 bucks and they've worked fine. Make sure the cable/chain and linkage is not stuck.

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