85 Ford Tempo


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Unhappy 85 Ford Tempo

Help, already startred but no luck..

1985 Ford Tempo, Original problem of not starting:

Jumped vehicle, but would not continue to run, good lites, radio, etc...

Had alternator tested, showed good.
Placed tempo on trickle charger and started next morning.
Let sit overnight and tried to start, vehicle dead.
Had battery checked, replaced. Started right up.
Let sit overnight ans completely dead, nothing....no click, no lights, no bells, nothing...

What's next where do I go from here?
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I would say that you have a slow drain in the system. Check all of the lights, make sure they all turn off when you turn off the car (including trunk light, glove compartment light, under hood light, brake lights, etc). Also, remove the radio fuse, and most other "non essential" fuses. If the battery gets completely discharge overninight, that could be the cause. After you did all this, remove th positive cable from the battery, and lightly touch it to the terminal. If you see sparks, there's still something draining the battery. It could be a stock relay or something else. I would recommend a wiring diagram, and lots of time. Electrical proglems are easy to fix, but terrible to diagnost. Perhaps somebody else here has better ideas, I'm only an electrical engineer, not a mechanic.
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Fully charge the battery. It should now read 12.5 volts with the engine off on a digital meter.

Start up the vehicle, Measure the output. Should be 14.2 volts at idle, no load.

Slowly turn on the accessories, one at time. You should still have 13.5 volts or more.

If it fails the latter two parts of the test, the alternator is bad.

If it works fine, then you have a drain. Put a test light inbetween your battery cable and battery. The light will glow brightly.

Pull your fuses one by one. The one that makes the light really dim to virtually nothing is the problem circuit. Get a wiring diagram and start there.

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