1981 ford ltd crown vic, 302 engine


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1981 ford ltd crown vic, 302 engine

hello my name is mike, i have a 1981 ford ltd crown vic, 302, i had been having troubles with it running really rough, we did a tune up plugs, wires, cap, and rotor, it has over 150,000 miles on it, we did the tune up in hopes to get better gas mileage, for we were getting 10, after tuneup, we got 8 mpg. i had also had trouble with the choke, anyways all of a sudden, the darn thing will crank, but not start. we had a mobile mechanic come look at it, he checked everything, even the timing chain, which he said was tight, then he checked the oil pressure, and got unbelievable readings, 30 in one 50 in another so on and so on, he told me it was not worth fixing. i need to know, he checked the pressure, and the car had not run for days, is that possible, i thought it had something to do with the spark, but he said i was getting spark. i don't know, please help.
thanks alot,
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Is it worth fixing? Frankly no, these were terrible years for Ford. I'd pitch it in a hearbeat, but that's me . Don't put a lot of dough into it. They are at their worst with reliability and emission complexity in this era .

That is one of the worst designs of a carburetor out there. Anything double digits is probably collosal. They were pigs on fuel when new . Most have the variable venturi carburetor. A real PITA. Many were converted afterward due to problems with this system....

A couple of things:

1) Check my post "The Basics". Report back as to what you find after reading that.

2) You must always have a fat, blue consistent spark. If you do not, you have an ignition problem. Recheck what the mobile guy said. Take a plug wire off and stick a screwdriver in it. Put it to a metal ground. Have a helper crank this winner over and see if you can see a fat, blue and consistent spark. If not, bad module, coil, cap, rotor, etc.

3) Make sure the rotor turns when you take the cap off and crank the car. If not, the timing chain is wiped.

4) If you do have spark, put a small amount of fuel (like a dixie cup) into the carburetor, or spray a little Gumout into the carburetor. If the car starts and runs on what you put in there (a few seconds) and dies, you have a fuel problem. Likely a bad fuel pump or a really bad carburetor in need of rebuilding.

Start there and let's see what you find. Good luck.
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1981 ford ltd crown vic, 302

i was able to try everything exept the fuel in the carburator, for my battery is low, so i am charging. trashing the car is not an option, for my funds are low, and it is my only vehicle. the carburator had been changed on the vehicle, it is a motorcraft.
also, i am now getting spark, i replaced the pickup coil, although it is not a blue spark like you said, infact it is a very slight spark, only to be seen at night. i had the modular checked and it was fine. any other ideas. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bound and determined, mike
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Put fuel in the carb and let us know what you find.....

Again, the spark should be fat, blue and consistent.
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Well, we had the car towed to the mechanic. He believes it may be the timing chain. Waitng to here from him. Does anyone know what this might cost? I've heard it is expensive. Or mechanic is extremely reasonable, honest and reliable. Thank you for your time.
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Probably about 300 to 350 on that repair. It's a couple of hours labor and probably a 100 bucks or so in parts and material.

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