steering column key


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steering column key

I just recently changed steering column on a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville SE. It is a floor shift and the column does not have the radio controls on it. I switched ignition on the newer column back to my old ignition. It had a coded key. The problem: now the car won't start and the security system light comes on. What kind of problem do I have and can I in some way bypass the security system to get it started?
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ok you replaced the whole column that had a coded key with one that didn't?
there is two wires that run to the key and tumbler that lets the antitheft module know if the correct key is used when trying to start the car it is a common problem for those wires to get damaged and even break you can jump those two wires together and the car will run, but to fix it right you will have to install your coded key and tumbler that the car originally had if its interchangable with the column you just installed. if your original key and tumbler is damaged you can buy a new one at about any parts store but it will only come with a key for cutting purposes and you will have to take your old coded key and the blank key that came with the new key and tumbler to the dealership to have the correct coded key made for your car.
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Jumping the two wires won't get the car to run. You can bridge the 2 wires with a resistor of the same value of the resistor pellet in the original key, or you can cut a new key using the correct mechanical cut for the new lock cylinder and the resistance value of the original key.
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Yes, Knuckles is right.

This is the VATS system. The key has to be the right resistance value that matches what the lock is looking for or it won't start .

Why not just swap in your original key and lock? Or just get a new one that matches and install that. Should be good to go.

If you bring the lock from the "new" column to a locksmith, they should be able to cut you the correct key that is needed to get the "new" lock working in the "new" column.

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