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Question auto repair

92 Subaru Loyale - need compression specifications.
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Are you looking for cranking compression specs?

I couldn't find a cranking compression spec in my service informatiion (not all manufacturers provide a spec), but figure 100 psi minimum & no more than 20% variation between the highest & lowest readings.

Make sure you disable the ignition system, remove ALL 4 plugs and prop the throttle plate open before you run the compression test.

Don't forget to remove the throttle prop when you're done!
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Hit your local library or parts store for a basic repair manual. Most will have this specification. If you have to buy the manual, it will set you back about 20 bucks. Well worth it.

Last time I was at the library here, there were a ton of those types of books, including a nice Chilton "import" professional book. That's what you want .
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Thumbs up subaru compression specs

Thank you all for the tips regarding subaru compression. My DIY manuals did not list the specs i needed. I had compression tested my engine and wanted a point of reference to assist me in deciding how far to go with repairs. The engine ended up at the shop for a complete overhaul. The machinist at the shop was my best reference person. He provided my with tremendous information specific to that particular engine. A few things I learned there were how to read micrometers and that replacing the headbolts is a must when you rebuild this particular engine.
He also shared with me that from experience, he has found that this subaru engine is not salvageable once it overheats. If it overheats severely enough to melt the timing cover shrouding it will most likely give you problems primarily when you try to reassemble and torque bolts. I was lucky to catch my engine problems before an overheat occurred. Again thanks.

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