1991 buick lesabre starter problem

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1991 buick lesabre starter problem

i put a new starter in the car and now the starter clicks but engine does not turnover
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Have you checked the voltage of the battery? If so, what is it? It should be at least 12 volts or very close to it. Maybe you ran the battery down on previous attempts to start the car before replacing the starter. Check the battery voltage or at least make sure the headlights are bright when turned on if you dont have a voltage meter and make sure the positive cable to the starter is tight. Try and jump start it if if you think the battery could be drained. Did you have the same problem before, with the previous starter? It could be the starter solenoid. Is the starter a new one or rebuilt?

Are you sure the starter was the problem in the 1st place? Sometimes a battery cable can go bad to due to corrosion in it or there could be corrosion right at the battery terminals which which would be a lot of light green gunk between the between the terminals and the clamps that go around them. It may be possible to have 12 volts at the starter but because of corrosion, but not enough current(amps) can flow through the cables to crank the starter.
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91 lesabre starter problem

thanks for the info the starter is brand new the old one was tested and found to be bad the battery is only 1 month old as far as we know the connections are fine we also boosted the car and got the same result(clicking no start)
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Seen new/rebuilt starters bad right out of the box. Have it checked. Also were there any shims on the old unit. Could be binding if there were shims and not re-installed. If the starter you boght is bad, try an ac/delco. Maybe a few more bucks upfront, but well worth it.
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I agree.

If you didn't rebuild it yourself, or it's not Delco, it's usually junk .

There are some very poorly made rebuilts out there which create frustrating times for the DIY'er.

Rap on the starter with a hammer (the body). If the car starts, exchange that starter. It's bad.

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