Is it my Starter???


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Is it my Starter???

I have a 96 s-10 that will not crank. Last week, i had a dead battery that i tried to jump off. After it seemed to be charging up, i turned it over a few times. Then, i turned it over and all i heard was a click.

I installed a brand new battery this weekend. I tried to crank and all i heard was a click. Every time i turn it, just a click. I got up under the truck and found the starter. I can feel the thing knock when someone tries to turn it over. I tapped on it but does not help. But it does click pretty loud every time the key is turned. All my lights and stuff works. But when i do try to crank it, once i turn the key and hear the click, the lights are very dim.

I know this has a solenoid and a starter. I would like to identify which one it is since the starter itself is like 160 dollars and the solonoid is like 60,,so i want to pick the right one.......any suggestions???

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Solenoid is attached to the side of the starter.

Sounds like a jammed or wiped starter. I would replace the starter with a Delco rebuilt. 160 is steep. I think it's less than that. Where are you buying them that they are so expensive ?

If you're going to go as far as to replace the solenoid, might as well rebuild the whole thing and do it right. The problem might be a jammed drive more so than a bad solenoid, so changing the 60 dollar solenoid might be for naught anyhow .

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