blower motor resisters


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blower motor resisters

I have a 1992 dodge dynasty, and my blower motor resister is bad. the problem is can't seem to find it or them. i have been told there are 3 resisters from 1 chrysler dealership and another told me only 1. I believe it is behind the glovebox but i have looked and can't find it. Also i really don't know what they should look like? anything will help, thanks
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There should only be one. Normaly they are in the heater box
under the hood. I'm a parts manager of a chrysler dealership.
If you like give me a call tomarrow at work.

phone # 1-800-59MARSH ASK FOR BEN AT EXT#8904
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i have found them located behind the glove box right close to the fire wall , also underneath the windshield washer resevior thats located in the area just in front of the windsheild (pass side)
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Nice to see some personal help in the forum. Good job.

Yes, the resistor is likely behind the glovebox.

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