mazda B2200 idle problem


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Unhappy mazda B2200 idle problem

This is so neat. I went looking for a place that answers questions and found this place right away. I'm not much of a mechanic. I change the oil, plugs, filters, and that's usually about it.

My problem:
1991 Mazda B2200
fuel injection
250k miles
original engine
used computer put in at 155k
new plugs, distributor cap/rotor, oil, air filter, pcv
passed California smog two months ago
usually runs strong
San Diego weather, dry and sunny

About two weeks ago after the truck had been running about five minutes the engine lost power. It began to idle much higher than normal but when I gave it gas it started to cut out. It could not be driven. I could shut it off and it would start okay but still idle high and cut out. I looked at everything under the hood and saw nothing unusual. After starting and shutting down about five times it started up normal. I had hoped that I had wiggled something back into place. Since then I have driven about 600 miles with no problem. Today it did the exact same thing, but this time no amount of jiggling could get it to start. I tried another computer that someone gave me when he trashed his mazda truck and it did the same thing. I pulled out the fuel circuit opening relay and it seems to be okay. I put everything back together and put in the original computer and still the same thing. I gave up. About six hours later I came home and tried it, and it started up normal and appears to be okay again. I shut it off and started it about ten times and drove it around a little with no problems. I know something must be fixed. I have been waiting for the truck to die so I could get a new one, but since it runs so strong, I'm hoping there might be an easy answer, because no sense trashing it when it's all paid for.
By the way, I haven't changed the fuel filter for about 80k, because I've been too busy with other problems, and it costs around $25. I would do it in a minute if I thought that could possibly be the problem. Since the problem is intermittent, how could I be sure that whatever I try actually fixes the problem? Money is not really a problem but I don't want to put it into this old truck. Maybe it's time has come.

thanks, hope I didn't get too wordy, but I read the basics and wanted to put in lots of details for a better response.
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Change the fuel filter without reservation.

When it dies does it start right back up? Do you have spark and fuel at all times? That's why I wrote the basics ....
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Thank you Joe_F. I wasn't going to change the fuel filter unless you suggested it. Since the problem had mystically gone away, I had planned instead to drive it to a dealer and see what I could get for it. This morning I changed the filter and it seems to me to be running exactly the same. I've decided to take my chances and keep driving it and hope that this fixed it and the problem doesn't return.

Once again, this is site is great. I especially like all the tips on car painting.
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Ok good luck with it .

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