adapter kit


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adapter kit

I have an 1989 Ford F-250 4WD with a 351 engine.
Does anyone know if there is a adapter kit so I can put a chevy
350 in it. I just want to change the motor not the transmission.
I forgot to mention that the truck has a standard transmission
in it now.

Any suggestions.

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This swap can be done, but I can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would want to do it! It'll be a ton of work with little or no reward. The 351W is every bit as powerful & durable as a 350 Chevy.

If your heart is set on a Chevy engine in your Ford truck, check out and

Getting the trans bolted up will be the least of your'll also need engine mounts, accesory brackets, wiring harness, etc. You'll probably need to use a 1/2 breed clutch setup too...An 11" Ford disc sandwiched between stock GM 11" pressure plate and flywheel. You may also need to have your Ford input shaft machined to fit the ID of the Chevy pilot bearing. The release bearing will be a problem too. McCleod might be able to help you in that dept....if you get that far before you go broke & give up in disgust.

To do this job & make it look & work acceptable is going to cost a boat-load of money & it's going to require some welding & fabrication skills. If you REALLY want a Chevy engine, your best bet would be to sell the Ford & buy a comparable Chevy.
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I agree with Knuckles.

You'll have Bowtie mechanicals with Blue Oval headaches .

Sell it for a Chevy if you want Chevy HP.

If anything, beef up the 351 for more power as is. A lot is out there for Ford trucks to make them perform better. A Ford Motorsport catalog from the local dealer would be a start.

With all the money you'd spend on making a Chevy 350 out of your FoMoCo unit you can probably buy everything in the Motorsport catalog and be better off in the performance and wallet department.

Not to mention my personal opinion is that it's utter blasphemy to put a Bowtie engine in a Blue Oval product . Lol.

I don't even buy Pontiacs with non-Pontiac produced engines, but that's me .

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