88 chev cheyanne Major electrical prob!


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Unhappy 88 chev cheyanne Major electrical prob!

This is my father in laws problem. Please bear with me...
He has a 88 chevy cheyanne half ton., 4.3 V6, Automatic.
First of all the problem was going on before he changed the engine. It just continues...
When its running if you put on the brake or put in gear or even put on the lights it will kill the engine.
Runs rough! Then at other times it runs fine.
Starter works fine. Changed the MAP sensor, Throttle body possision sensor.
They are completely stumped & are ready to get it towed to the dealer to figure out.
Appreciate any suggestions before it will cost him an arm & a leg.
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something to check

my 89 chevy did that I changend the colant temp sensor fixed the problem you might look into it
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Check the alternator output. If low or bad, it will cause the truck to die and do funky things.

Check for any vacuum leaks.

As Michael alluded to check for any bad sensors or trouble codes...go to my post "The Basics" which has a link to www.batauto.com which will tell you more about trouble codes.

It is something not related to the engine because you state it had that problem prior to the engine swap.
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Antony W. Serio
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I had a similar problem with my '88 pontiac. The engine would occasionally die when I steped on the brakes. If I was moving when it happened, the car would lose all electrical power for a second, then restart.

It turned out that my battery had a weak cell. The battery still put out 12V, but not under load. Once I replaced my battery, the car ran fine.

Most auto parts stores have a battery tester that will put a load on your battery and test the individual cells.
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