Car storage


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Car storage

A family member is giving me a 1989 Dodge Dynasty, 120K miles, garage kept, good shape, single owner. I don't need the car now but my son will be starting to drive in 18 months and I think it would be a good car for him. Can I just park it in my garage and let it sit for 18 months or do I have to start/drive it periodically?
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i would drive it

Hello my 2 cents I have a pickup that I did that to let it sit.
not a good thing I have transmision leaks and all kinds of problems.I would drive it around about one time every two weeks for about 5 miles or so and if you have A/C use it so it will not dry up the seals.use the heater also so you get flow thru the heater core.You can store a car but I think it is much eaiser to drive it and keep it up.Cars dont like to sit for long times my truck is proof.I wish I had followed my advise my driveway shows it.
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I agree.

Sitting this long it already needs a heap of work. All the rubber items (belts, hoses) and fluids should be changed.

It will likely leak from places when you put it to use again because of everything sitting.

It will need a good cleaning and waxing.

Has the car been stored outside or inside?
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My Two Cents

I would also drive it at least once every 2 weeks, more if you can.
You have to let everything get up to operating temp. I don't think 5 miles is going to do that. I would drive it at least 15 to 20 miles, more if you live in a cold climate. Getting it up to operating temp is critical.

Also I would trickle charge the battery.
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Thanks for the advice. I think I'll drive it to work 1 day a week so it gets up to operating temp as you suggest. Joe, I think you may have mis-understood my question. The car is currently being used daily but when I get it I wanted to store it for 18 months. The vehicle has been garage kept, paint is still nice, all scheduled maintenance has been done.
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Then do as the others have stated. They are right.

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