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Question Freeze plugs

How do you put a freeze plug in a 1994 Ford Explorer without pulling the motor out? It has a 4.0 liter motor in it right now.
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is it one of the freeze plugs located on the side of the block? there are also plugs at the rear of the block where the trans bolts to the bellhousing, to replace these the engine or trans has to be removed.......
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Motormite and Dorman sell plugs that expand as you tighten the acorn bolt. Any parts store has them.

If you can access them, clean the area and put the old over the new. Should be fine.
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I have a '91 Explorer and ran into the same problem. The mechanic wanted to charge me $600 just to drop the transmission so he could get at the rubber freeze plugs that cost $1.42 to replace.

Luckily I found that Ford put some thought into the design of this vehicle and built in a small access hatch above the transmission. You can get at this hatch by cutting your carpet from the ashtray area to the center console and pulling it back. The hatch opens right over the rubber freeze plugs!
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Ford never put in rubber *freeze plugs*they are metal plugs designed to prevent coolant loss from the casting of the block and heads.Freeze plugs do not exist.They are core plugs,designed to releive the casting of sand.They do not afford freeze protection by any means.Rubber core plugs will pop out,copper may last but no guarantee,steel are the most permanent solution.I know this may sound mean but the guy or gal whom told you the replacement was to pull the engine or transmission was offering a permanent repair.In which he or she could stand behind their work.

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