Misfiring VERY badly - 1990 Transport


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Misfiring VERY badly - 1990 Transport


While I'm on a roll...the car is misfiring bad. Mechanic hooked it up to the machine and it says #1 plug is in bad shape so he replaced it. 2 weeks later the symptoms starts up again. Bad misfiring and I have lost lots of power like a second plug is misfiring.

If it was the timing wouldn't that have shown up on the machine? Could it be a plug wire?

In any case, the block is turned to the right side of the car. So, I have 3 plugs facing me and 3 on the back side of the block. Does anyone know the cylinder numbers for the block OR which is cylinder #1?

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

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if the cylinders aren't numbered on the intake manifold you should go to local parts house & pick up a manual, your owners manual may also have this info.....misfire could be caused by many things, plugs, wires, etc....remove distributor cap, turn it upside down and check for green corrosion on the contact points of the cap, this will indicate that you should replace cap and rotor, I would do the wires and plugs also as a preventative measure, especially if it's been a while since a tune-up.......
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Thanks. I will check the cap and rotor. The #1 plug was replaced and about 2 weeks later the engine started misfiring again.

Thanks for your help.

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I agree with Mooser. You have a lazy mechanic. Lol.

The eye doctor doesn't say to you, "Well Bob, you only have trouble in your left eye. No need for me to check the right one".

In the same respect, you should change your spark plug wires, plugs, cap and rotor in sets, not willy nilly .

Give it a full service with all filters and tune up items and it should run much better. That's a start.

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