"94" Dakota water pump removal


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Question "94" Dakota water pump removal

1994 Dodge Dakota-V6,AC.
I've loosened the fan blade (behind the fan clutch?) and the
water pump pulley cover, I have the shroud loose and I am trying to remove the fan blade assembly. There is a large nut between the fan blade and pulley cover. Now what? I know it's the water pump because of the weephole and the play in the pulley
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You need a 36mm Fan Clutch Wrench to remove the fan clutch from the water pump hub. Your local auto parts store should have one. If not, check with Ontool.com.

Here's a picture of a "universal" fan clutch wrench set by Astro Pnuematic. It's available from Ontool for about $40.

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Thanks, knuckles
That's what I was looking for, but are there any other special tools or advice needed to work on the water pump on this Dodge?
This site is so cool!!!
Thanks again. (:Streetman[U]
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No other special tools are needed. Pick up a Haynes manual at your local autoparts store. It'll show & tell you everything you need to know for about $14.
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I was following the Haynes manual but it didn't show the large nut on the fan clutch nor did it mention the wrench needed.
Thanks, again. (:Streetman
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That's strange...Haynes manuals are usually pretty thorough when it comes to general repairs like water pump replacement.

Here's the procedure for waterpump R&R courtesy of Alldata

Service and Repair

Disconnect battery ground cable and drain cooling system.
Unclip throttle cable on fan shroud top, then unsnap coolant overflow tank and lay aside. Do not disconnect overflow hose or drain tank.
Remove upper radiator hose clamp and hose at radiator.
Place bar or screw driver between water pump pulley bolts and attach Snap-On fan wrench tool No. 36 MM , or equivalent, to thermal viscous fan drive mounting nut. As fan drive threads are right hand, turn mounting nut counterclockwise to remove from water pump. Do not remove assembly from vehicle now.
Remove fan shroud mounting bolts. then remove shroud and viscous fan assembly. CAUTION: Do not place viscous fan in a horizontal position, as fan drive fluid could drain into bearing assembly and contaminate lubricant.
Remove four water pump pulley bolts and pulley, then remove lower radiator hose clamp and hose at water pump.
Remove heater hose clamp and hose from coolant return tube, then loosen heater hose coolant return tube mounting bolt and remove from water pump. Discard old tube O-ring.
Loosen bypass hose clamp at water pump and slip hose off pump while removing water pump from vehicle.
Reverse procedures to install using new gasket and O-ring. Ensure impeller does not rub timing chase cover by spinning water pump. Tighten bolts to specifications.
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Thanks so much. That's so much more informative than Haynes.
Now I think I got it. Thanks. (:Streetman:)

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