'84 Ford F150 PU Starting Problem


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I have two old, large radiators that I would like to repaint. Currently, however, they are in pretty bad condition: several layers of paint in some areas, and chipping or cracked paint in other areas. Also, in some places the paint has completely chipped away, leaving exposed metal.

What's the best way to prep and paint these radiators?
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Unhappy '84 Ford F150 PU Starting Problem

I have an 84 Ford F150 with a 302 engine. the truck will not start. There is no sound at all when the ignition switch is in the start position. No starter clicking or anything. I have had the battery charged and checked and no apparent problem with the battery. I have replaced the alternator with no change in the starting problem. It is almost like no power is getting to the starter motor. Could anyone give me an idea as what to check or do next?
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Check your starter solenoid mounted on the fender near your battery,your positive cable should run to it and then to the starter.The small wire(ignition wire)should have voltage on it with the key on.
If voltage is ok there then make sure the truck is in Park(automatic transmission) or neutral(standard Trans,)and take an old screwdriver and touch it to the small terminal on the solenoid and the large terminal going down to the starter(your bypassing the solenoid doing this).If it tries to crank then put a solenoid on it.if it doesn't then it's either the starter or the cable to it.

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