rack and pinion


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rack and pinion

Hello. I am hoping someone out there can help me, I have an 87' Toyota Camry and I need to know what is inside the rack boot on the passenger side, between the tie rod and the gear housing. I have inspected the tie rod and it looks fine, I have a service manual and it doesn't show what is in the boot. If any one can help me please let me know. I should not have to replace the entire rack and pinion just for the passenger side.

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On my '86 Taurus the boot just keeps dirt out of the tie-rod end.
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I still need help

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It should have an inner tie rod end.
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It has an inner tie rod as Ford tech stated.

What service manual are you using? If it's not a Toyota, it likely skips this detail .

You need special tools in most cases to change the inner rods. They are recessed. I remember doing them I believe on my friend's 85 Camry when we did the clutch. That car was a PITA to work on. Parts everywhere in the shop when we did that. At one point all you saw was my feet hanging out from the engine compartment onto a tall ladder to get the tranny out.

My friend who owns the car and is 6'4", was underneath holding it . Lol.

Lisle Tool Company is one firm that makes inner tie rod tools. Visit any parts store that carries their line and you should be able to get the part and the tool from them.

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