Coolant Fan and Codes for Cadillac


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Coolant Fan and Codes for Cadillac

I have a 1985 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. The coolant fans will not come on. I need to know what codes F48 and F51 mean. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Code F51 BCM PROM Error


Code F51 indicates that the PROM is not being read properly by the BCM. While the PROM error condition is present a "-151" will be displayed on the ECC and diagnostics cannot be entered. If the problem becomes intermittent, code F51 will be displayed during the first pass of BCM codes. A code E47 may also be stored as an intermittent after the problem is corrected since data is not sent to the ECM while a PROM error condition exists. A PROM installed backwards or installed with bent pins may cause this code to set. Remove the access cover from the BCM and verify that the PROM is installed properly. If the PROM appears to be installed properly, turn the ignition "OFF" for 10 seconds and then back "ON." If "-151" is displayed on the ECC, replace the PROM. Again turn the ignition "OFF" for 10 seconds and then back "ON." If "-151" is again displayed after replacing the PROM, replace the BCM.

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