Electrical/no front blower


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Electrical/no front blower

The front blower on my 1997 Mercury Mountaineer (5.0L-V8) quit working. Fuses are fine in both the power distribution box and the fuse panel. I have power through the power distribution box and fuse panel but not to the switch. What's between the fuse and the switch (dash) that I should be looking for as the problem? I've started to trace the wires back from the switch toward the fuse box but they go into a connector that is fastened to a grey enclosure. It looks like they go into the grey box and may come out the top and then through what looks like a panel with 7 or 8 plug in devices (relays?) attached to the side of the grey box. My Chilton guide doesn't have sufficient detail to help. I've dropped $1700 on heat/AC related issues in the last two years and want to fix this myself. Any thoughts on what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated.


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The power runs into a relay (blower motor) after leaving the interior fuse panel.It also runs into a second relay(High speed blower relay).They should be in the same area as the fuse panel
and if you have an owners manual their placeement is usually listed in it.Take a relay(there usually all the same)out of another slot not related to the blower and swap them to try and see if one is bad.
You should have 12 volts on the O/BK at the switch if the first relay is good.
The information listed is standard ac/heat not automatic temperature control.If you have the automatic temperature control it different.
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Fordtech is your man on products of Blue Oval making.

Also check for a bad blower resistor, which is a common problem as well. Particularly if you started losing speeds first and then the whole shooting match.

My sister was going to buy a Mountaineer this year. I steered her to the Tahoe. I never understood the rebadging Explorer thing to a Mountaineer

The Mercury name might go south soon, leaving an orphan brand and vehicle .

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Just a quick note to thank you for your help. It did end up being a relay. Took a little tracing to locate the relay panel (which is behind the right front headlight) but that was the problem. Thanks again!


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