95 dodge neon-leaking oil


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95 dodge neon-leaking oil

1995 Dodge Neon
I own a 95 Dodge Neon. Car is leaking oil very badly. Problem is there is no owner's manual for the car. It is leaking from the front of the car's right side; opposite of the oil pan. Looking under it there is a gap of about 1/16th in the plate that covers a part; unfortunately, i don't know what the part is. Car was recently hit in the rear end and I think the plate may have shifted. I need to know what the part is and if there is a seal around it. It looks like the plate contains some type of gears inside it. Located in the front right, across from the oil pan. Plate is vertical with the gap in the bottom. what do you suggest I do about this problem? Do you know what the part is and what it does? Car leaks about two tablespoons when sitting over night.
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sounds like the plate your talking about is the plastic timing cover , and yes there are gears behind it ,crank and cam gears theres also a waterpump gear with a timing belt around all of it , sounds like a front crank seal or cam seal is leaking

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