98 dodge stratus

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98 dodge stratus

when im driving, i lose power and the engine shuts off. then i wait a couple minutes and it will start up again and maybe run indefinitely, i never know when it might die. another time it would crank but not start, then i went out a couple hours later and it started right up. lately ive been driving it and it hasnt done that at all , its been running like new.
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Had same problem, not a mechanic just a DIY but had a plymoth voyager did same thing and that problem was the PICK UP COIL
which is located under the distribuater cap.

just a thought.
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Engine size is not mentioned which inhibits us from knowing the actual problem or known faults with that engine......

When it happens, check my post "The Basics".

Tell us if you have spark or fuel or lack thereof...

Let us know.
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i asked a question earlier about this car but u wanted to know the engine size. its a 2,5 6 cilynder. i have driven it all week and its running great but before it would just die, then a few minutes later it would start up again and run indefinitely. do i dare keep driving it. i put a new fuel filter on it, could it be the fuel pump or a computer problem?


Need to be more specific on the problem. When it happens to you, you need to check my post "The Basics" for some ideas and how you can report back with better and more information.

Tell us when it dies and you go to restart it whether you have fuel and/or spark or lack of it.

A new fuel filter should be installed as a maintenance item, not as a failure item, so go ahead and do that.

Also check www.alldata.com for known service bulletins or recalls with this problem and model. I believe this has a non serviceable distributor which is a pesky thing.

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