1990 mercury taurus


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james gallagher
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1990 mercury taurus

first question i have is my friend has a 1990 taurus wagon with a 3.0 litre engine v6 , when he drives it for 2-3 hours straight the transmission slams and seems to slip, he thinks there is antifreeze in the transmission oil, is this possible and what else could he try and check? he has had the transmission filter changed already and the codes all come up good on the computer, oh by the way it is an automatic.

my other problem is in my wifes car, which is an 88 plymouth reliant 2.2 litre automatic, the car drives great if you warm the car up, but if you try to start it up and then try to put it in reverse it will just sit there and wait for about 10-15 seconds then it clunks into gear, only when it is it is cold or when the motor is first fired up , i can drive it around the block and then reverse and it works fine no clunk, it does this in the summer or winter, it is a pain in the neck , any suggestions as the car is great otherwise and drives smooth and great on gas. thanks
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Hi James! The tranny on the taurus could have antifreeze in it if the radiator is busted. The tranny fluid runs through a cooler in the radiator and if it leaks in the right places, it could mix the 2 fluids. Drain the tranny, drain the converter, flush the system, replace filter, and replace radiator. That may fix the problem, but those taurus trannies are real junk even when new. It may have internal damage.

As for the plymouth...is it full of trans. fluid? If so, change the fluid and filter. It sounds like your pump may be weak, but it could be a sticking valve or something else. Either case, a service can only help. God bless!

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